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275 Route 10 East Suite 220
Succasunna, New Jersey

Estimate Number EST-18-0346
Estimate Date May 6, 2018
Valid Until June 5, 2018
Total $8,000.00
Martab Medical

40 Boroline Road
Allendale, NJ 07401

The following estimate is for the re-branding the product solutions section of adding ecommerce functionality. The redesign will be responsive using the existing Wordpress platform.

Design a landing page introducing the overall brand concept promoting. This page link to the Product Solutions page, Martab Regional Specialty Distribution Page, Martab EMS Page and a link to the SCC site. This hierarchy will allow for future scalability. Design the Ecommerce pages (Catalog, product, cart, checkout, etc.).

Content Management (CMS): We will use the existing Wordpress Platform.

Responsive (viewable on Desktop, Tablet & Smart Phone): Once the new landing and ecomm pages are approved in desktop form, we will code the same pages to be viewed on tablets and smart phones. In this phase we will decide which visual elements and copy are important to the viewer depending on their device and rework accordingly. Please note: Because of the multitude of devices and versions of these devices, we design at three specific viewports. The site copy and image placement will vary and not be exact from device to device.

Ecommerce: We will use Woocommerce and various plugins to create a shop that allows for P.O. and credit card purchases. Existing clients will also be able to purchase based on their individual purchasing profiles once logged in. An SSL certificate will be needed for credit card transactions on the hosting account. A payment gateway will also be needed to handle CC transactions securely, we recommend Stripe. We also recommend a managed hosting plan. Shared hosting platforms tend not to be able to handle shopping carts with spiking traffic.
Scalability: Woocommerce is a strong platform that allows for future scalability and will integrate with Netsuite.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): All new pages within the site will be optimized (basic meta data in the header, title, and image alt tags) for organic search engine ranking. “Join our email list” form will be added to the new Product Solutions landing page and on the checkout page linking to the Martab mailchimp account.

Site maintenance - Perform monthly updates to wordpress, theme and plugins used within the Product Solutions section of and $150.00 p/month.

Hosting - Set up and maintain a secure (SSL included) hosting environment specific to a wordpress environment. Manage backups, Security scans to ensure data and site integrity: $50.00 per month.

Qty Service PriceSub Total
1 Re-branding and Ecommerce implementation for the Product Solutions section of

Creative, implementation/coding of new pages and ecommerce section, responsive edits and SEO. Included populating existing product solutions products into the ecomm system.

2 Logo Creation (Due May 9th)

Create 1-2 concepts with up to two revisions for the Martab Regional Specialty Distribution and Martab EMS logos keeping within the Martab Brand.

Sub Total $8,000.00
Tax $0.00
Total $8,000.00

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